Maitland Police Department


          The Operations Division is led by Deputy Chief Dawn D'Ambrosio.


         The officers assigned to the Patrol Division provide 24 hour a day

 coverage to protect the life and property of the citizens and visitors of the

 City of Maitland. The Patrol Division acts as a first responder to calls for

 immediate police service providing a timely response to reported crimes

 in progress. Additionally, officers assigned to the division conduct

 preliminary investigations into crimes over with and identify and apprehend

 persons suspected of committing crimes. Officers also conduct directed

 patrols to discourage and prevent the opportunity for crimes to occur

 and enhance the public's awareness of criminal activity in their community.

         The Patrol Division also enforces traffic laws and investigates traffic related crashes in addition to assisting in traffic and pedestrian control.  The division strives to be highly visible in the community and accessible to the public at all times, working together to reduce crime in Maitland. 

 Marine Unit

         With multiple waterways within the city limits, the Maitland Police Department recognizes the exceptional need to remain readily available  on land and water. The Maitland Police Department is committed to safeguarding persons and property on and along the waterways of the City  of Maitland. Members of the Lakes Patrol Unit are authorized to enforce City Ordinances and State Statutes on or about these waterways.



          The Maitland Police Departments Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is established to provide a trained unit to assist other units in  the Department in resolving "special threat" or high-risk tactical situations that may arise in the City of Maitland. The Maitland Police  Department's SWAT operators are members of the Central Florida Metro SWAT team in conjunction with the Apopka, Winter Garden, Ocoee,  and Winter Park Police Departments. 

 Crisis Intervention Team

​         Many of the Maitland Police Officers have received certification as members of the

 Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). These officers can be recognized by the unique CIT pin

 that is worn on their uniform shirt. During this training, officers learn techniques for

 addressing the needs of persons in crisis and dealing with persons who are mentally ill.

 This training allows for officers to better serve the community and deescalate crisis situations

 in a manner that is safer for the officers and citizens. The national program has been a tremendous

 success in regards to better serving the citizenry and aiding mentally ill persons in getting treatment.

​ Traffic Homicide Investigations

         The Maitland Police Department recognizes that the occurrence of motor vehicle traffic crashes frequently result in injury or death of  parties involved and damage to personal property, that most crashes occur as a result of a violation of one or more Florida State Statutes, and  that traffic crashes frequently lead to civil litigation. Of primary importance is a police officer's duty to preserve and protect lives and aid the  injured, thereby insuring their safety and well-being. In the tragic event where serious bodily injury or death may occur as a result of a traffic crash, the Maitland Police Department employs men and women with extensive, specialized training to conduct Traffic Homicide Investigations.

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