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​General Information and Public Information Officer

              The goal of the Maitland Police Department Public Information Office is to ensure that the community is kept  informed in a timely manner about current events, programs and news. The Public Information Officer is the official  spokesperson for the department relating to inquiries from the media and other various sources. The Maitland Police  Department will continue to maintain a close relationship with the residents of Maitland and the media. This website  will allow us to disseminate timely information about department-related activities, programs and newsworthy events  that impact the community. Citizen involvement in solving crime in our community is an essential component of the  daily successes we enjoy. The Maitland Police Department Office will continue to provide information that is complete,  accurate, and up to date.

 For further information, contact the Maitland Police Department Public Information Officer below:

 Lieutenant Louis Grindle:

  • 407-539-6262 - Dispatch
  • 407-875-2832 - Office
  • lgrindle@maitlandpd.org

Public Records Request

For a public records request, please contact the main office at:

Office: 407-539-6261
FAX: 407-539-2770

​Email: records@maitlandpd.org

Maitland Police Department

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