Fire Administration

  1. Will Watts

    Will Watts

    Fire Chief
    Phone: 407-539-6229
    Chief Will Watts is the sixth full-time fire chief in the history of the agency. He manages all phases of Fire Department operations including:
    • Budget matters
    • Department's Emergency Medical Services EMS program
    • Emergency and non-emergency responses
    • Field operation training
    • Staffing

    Professional Career
    Chief Watts was hired on February 26, 2001, as a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician EMT. He trained to become a paramedic within a year. He was promoted to the rank of Engineer/Paramedic in late 2003, Lieutenant/Paramedic in 2007, Battalion Chief in 2012 and Deputy Fire Chief in 2013.

    He holds a bachelor’s degree in emergency management from Waldorf University in Forest City, IA, and an associate’s degree in fire science from Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, Alabama. He also holds Fire Officer 2, Fire Instructor 3 and Fire Safety Officer certifications with the State of Florida.

    Personal Life
    Watts has two children and lives in Oviedo. He attended Winter Park High School and later went to Seminole State College for firefighter training.

  2. Chris Morton

    Chris Morton

    Deputy Fire Chief
    Phone: 407-539-0774
    Professional Career
    Deputy Chief Chris Morton oversees Fire Department operations by directly supervising the operations battalion chiefs. Other roles are budgetary and strategic planning. He joined the Maitland Fire-Rescue Department in 2002 as a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician EMT. He became a Paramedic in 2005, Engineer in 2007 and Lieutenant in 2009. Morton was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2013 and Assistant Fire Chief of Operations in January of 2019. He became Deputy Fire Chief in August 2019. 

    He graduated from Lake Howell High School and attended Seminole State College for fire school. He holds an associate’s degree in emergency medical services from Valencia College, an associate’s degree in fire science and a bachelor’s degree in fire science administration from Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa. He holds Fire Officer 3 and Fire Instructor 3 certifications with the State of Florida.

  3. Norma Jean Torres

    Norma Jean Torres

    Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief
    Phone: 407-539-6229
    Mrs. Torres is responsible for a number of undertakings including:
    • Budgetary, planning and accounting activities together with that of preparing the annual budget and day-to-day expenditures
    • Emergency Medical Services EMS transport billing
    • Initiating the City's emergency notification system
    • Naming of streets and addressing of residential and commercial properties
    • Pension matters

    Overseeing daily activities such as scheduling truck demos and station tours; special details; and coordinating special projects and events are also part of Mrs. Torres' responsibilities.

    Professional Career
    Norma Jean Torres came to the Maitland Fire Department in 1991, in a part time capacity, with an extensive local government service background. Having served city managers and department heads in both Florida and North Carolina, Mrs. Torres would go on to play a similar role with the Maitland Fire Department. In 2005, Mrs. Torres accepted a full time position within the Department as the administrative assistant to Fire Chief.

  4. Brandon Lawrence

    Brandon Lawrence

    Fire Marshal
    Phone: 407-875-2802
    Brandon Lawrence has been with Maitland Fire Rescue Department since 2006. Brandon was promoted to Engineer in 2012 and Lieutenant in 2013. Brandon decided to join the Fire Department’s Fire Prevention division in 2016 and promoted to Fire Marshal in 2019. He is responsible for plans review, fire inspections, and fire code enforcement. Brandon has been a member of the Department’s Honor Guard team since its inception in 2008.

  5. Chris Clayton

    Division Chief, Training and Logistics
    Phone: 407-539-6226
    Division Chief Chris Clayton is the new Division Chief of Training and Logistics. He manages the departments training program along with the Health and Safety Program. 

    Professional Career
    Chief Clayton was hired on September 25, 2002, as a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician EMT. He trained to become a paramedic within 2 years. He was promoted to the rank of Engineer/Paramedic in January of 2007, Lieutenant/Paramedic in January of 2008, and achieved the ability to ride as a ride-up Battalion Chief in September of 2012.

    Personal Life
    Chief Clayton has been married to his Wife Sylvia for 13 years and has two daughters.