East-West Connector Trail Project

There have been a number of concerns brought to our attention relating to the installation of a bike/pedestrian trail on the northern side of Sandspur Road. Results of some preliminary design work on this project is now available that may help to address some of these same concerns.

Sandspur Road Trail Connection

The Sandspur Road trail connection has been under review for 8 years. The initial investigation in to the possibility for a trail near this location was noted in 2010 in the Maitland Comprehensive Development Plan. A feasibility analysis was then completed in late 2015. The conclusion of this study was to connect a trail segment on the north side of Sandspur Road to a section of trail on Wymore Road, which will then ultimately tie directly to the pedestrian bridge being constructed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) over Interstate 4. These trails will then connect the City athletic fields, parks and neighborhoods on the west side of Interstate 4 to the existing city trail system at Maitland Avenue and on to the Maitland Community Park and Dommerich neighborhoods. The bridge will eliminate I-4 as a barrier to bicycle and pedestrian connectivity east and west in Maitland.

One of the primary concerns when developing this trail was the preservation of trees along Sandspur Road. Based upon this concern, the City Council insisted that the design preserve as many trees as possible as well as require tree replacement should removal be necessary. These requirements were included in the contract with the trail design team. With this direction, the design team developed an alignment that is sensitive to the environment and provides bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, linking key areas of the city.