Permit Applications

Applications submitted through the Maitland Online Permitting system will need to include a completed application. To avoid any delays in processing, applicants are required to complete, sign and upload the applicable Permit Checklist (document should be uploaded and named AC.pdf) with our online permit application. You can download the required checklist (and other forms, if applicable) by clicking on the proper checklist link below.  If you are unsure of the type of permit(s) you need to submit, you please visit our Selecting Your Permit Type page or contact a Permit Specialist at (407) 539-6150.  


The following documents are required to be uploaded only as applicable to the permit-specific application.  By completing and signing the appropriate checklist, you are attesting that the information marked has been submitted in your online permit application submittal.  Please note, unsigned, incomplete or missing information (without justification) noted on the checklist may cause delays in processing your permit.

New Commercial (including addition) Building ChecklistAPPLICATION
New Residential (including addition) Building ChecklistSpecial Event Permit 
Building Alteration (Commercial or Residential) ChecklistAFFIDAVITS
Chicken Keeping Permit ChecklistOwner/Builder Affidavit
Demolition Permit ChecklistPool Affidavit
Driveway Permit Checklist Gas Pressure Test Affidavit
Electrical Permit ChecklistPrivate Provider Services Affidavit
Fence/Wall Permit ChecklistRe-roof Affidavit
Fire Permit (Alarm, Sprinkler or Protection) ChecklistRe-pipe Affidavit
Foundation Permit ChecklistFORMS
Gas Permit ChecklistChange of Contractor Form
Generator Permit ChecklistResponse to Comments Form
Mechanical Permit ChecklistPlan Revision Form
Plumbing Permit ChecklistHold Harmless Letter
Pool Permit ChecklistLimited Power of Attorney Form
Roof Permit ChecklistFDEP Demolition or Asbestos Renovation
Right-of-Way Utilization Permit ChecklistRequest Cancellation of Issued Permit Form
Short-Term Rental Permit ChecklistApplication for Building Code Variation
Sign Permit (Permanent) Checklist Professional Signature Submittal (PSS) Form
Sign Permit (Temporary) Checklist Paver Letter (pavers within the right-of-way)
Site Construction Permit Checklist
Streamlined (eligible permits only) Permit Checklist
Waterfront Structure Permit Checklist


All permits valued over $2,500.00, will also need to upload a Notice of Commencement (document should be uploaded and named NOC.pdf) with the exception of mechanical permits which are required if the value exceeds $7,500.00.  Please note, as if July 1, 2022, HVAC contractors are not required to provide an NOC if the value of work is under $15,000.00 and as of October 1, 2023, all other permits are not required to provide an NOC if the value of work is under $5,000.00.  


Plans and documents required to be signed and sealed by a licensed surveyor, architect, professional engineer or registered landscape architect will need to download a copy of the Professional Signature Submittal  (document should be uploaded and named PSS.pdf), complete and sign/seal the form and mail it to the address indicated on the form with each submittal (initial and all revisions).  No permit will be released until the PSS form is received.  

Starting August 1, 2023, submittals under the purview  of the Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code can be submitted with a “Digital” signature and seal from the Design Professional; “Electronic” signature and seals cannot be accepted by our system.    The plan files must have their permissions set to “Restricted” which will allow for Maitland to properly comment/stamp/approve the individual sheets as deemed appropriate.   The concerns of supporting documentation being properly sealed, i.e. Florida product approvals, manufacturer installation instructions, and manufacturer NRTL Listing/Labeling information, does not apply.  For more information on the electronic plan submittal/resubmittals, including the any new requirements, please refer to our Building Safety and Permitting page


All contractor information must be up to date with the City.  If your contractor(s) have not done work in Maitland within the past 12 months, you will need to verify their information is up to date or provide the updated information such as general liability and workers compensation insurance, license information and business tax receipt.  

You can update Contractor Certifications through our CSS Permitting Interface. You will click on “Apply” in the black bar across the top, then under “Licenses” you will click on “Contractor Registration”. Follow the prompts to submit the updated contractor’s certifications. For questions, please contact our office at (407) 539-6150.


To expedite this calculation, the City requests that an “Impact Fee Assessment” table is provided on the submitted plan sets for review with the following information: 

Impact Fee Assessment Table
Residential Development
Provide the amount of dwelling units.

Non-Residential Development
Provide the building square footage.

Utility Services
Water Service (Y/N)

Provide the water service size.

Sewer Service (Y/N)

* Please indicate if a dwelling unit(s) or non-residential square footage existed previously on the site.  If so, please indicate the month and year it/they were demolished.


The City of Maitland requires specific file names for documents and drawings uploaded as part of the Maitland Online Permitting application.  Improperly named files may be returned and require correction prior to passing sufficiency review.  Each document or drawing must meet the basic requirement for that file type, and the files must be named using the discipline and document/drawing number.

Drawings (Plan Set)

All submittals (drawings or documents) must be labeled in sequential order (i.e. A-1, A-2, A-3) and submitted in pdf format.  All plan sets must be accompanied by a cover sheet and submitted (initial or revision) as a single pdf document (individual sheets will not be accepted).

Plan Set/Drawing Naming Convention Document Naming Convention
A Architectural/Building Set AC Application Checklist
B Boundary/Property Survey AFD Affidavits
C Civil Drawings/Site Plan EC Energy Calculations
D Demolition Plan FPA Florida Product Approvals
E Electrical MS Manufacturer Specifications/Documents
FA Fire Alarm NOC Notice of Commencement
FP Fire Protection POA Power of Attorney
FS Fire Sprinkler PPA Private Provider Affidavit
FX Fire Suppression PSS Professional Signature Submittal
G Gas PZD Planning/Zoning Approval
H Hardscape TE Truss Engineering
I Irrigation THI Threshold Inspection
LA Landscape SPC Project Specification Manual
LS Life Safety MSC Miscellaneous Documents
M Mechanical
P Plumbing
S Structural
SP Sign Package
T Telecommunications/Low Voltage
X Survey