Step 4: Obtaining Your Building Permit

In cases where a new tenant moves into a space, these permits are classified as either a change of tenant (moving into a space that was previously permitted for the same building occupancy type, such as business to business) or a change of occupancy (moving into a space that was previously approved for a different building code occupancy type, such as from a business use to an educational use). 

A permit from the City of Maitland is required any time a new tenant moves into a space. Applications are classified into one of three categories: 

Change of Tenant with no new construction work (use space as is)

  • Change of Tenant with new construction work (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, sprinkler, fire alarm or structural changes made to the building)
  • Change of Occupancy regardless of any changes. As part of the application process, you will need to submit both a layout of your proposed floor plan and a key plan (see samples below). The key plan shows your location within the overall building or shopping center.
Sample Floor Plan
Sample Key Plan

Businesses that are changing occupancy types (i.e. business to mercantile)  may also will need to complete a Building Code Summary. Again, we recommend that you work with an architect or contractor to assist you in determining the occupancy classification, space layout, occupancy load, exiting and other requirements based on the new use. For instance, it is common that certain business uses will require additional improvements such as larger ventilation and/or exhaust systems, a fire alarm, additional plumbing fixtures, and - if you are opening a food service business - the approval of fats, oils and grease systems. Your architect or general contractor should be familiar with the State Building Code requirements and offer advice with options and the costs associated with these improvements. 

A change of occupancy to a more intense use may trigger unanticipated costs such as development fees. It is recommended that you contact our Building and Permitting Division at (407) 539-6150 to determine if your proposed business would require development fees.

Your Commercial Building Permit application, including floor plan, key plan and a building code summary, is submitted to the Building and Permits counter on the second floor of Maitland City Hall along with any applicable fees. If the building you are moving into requires improvements, you must pick up your building permit before you begin the work. 

At the appropriate times during the renovation, it will be necessary for the City to inspect construction progress to verify compliance with the Building Code. You can schedule inspections by calling (407) 539-6150. Once the improvements are completed and approved, you will receive a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Certificate of Completion (CC) from the City.


Note: Additional Licensing or Permitting Agencies for Consideration

In addition to your Building Permit, other permits, approvals or licenses may be required to start your business. For example, if your business serves alcohol (even temporarily), you will need to obtain a permit from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Food establishments require a Food Service Establishment Plan Review Application from Orange County Environmental Services with the exception that bakeries, frozen ice cream and yogurt, poultry and dairy businesses require Florida Department of Agriculture approval. 

The City’s Public Works Department may need to make a grease interceptor determination during the building permit process. If you have questions you can check with your design professional (architect or engineer), contractor or contact the City’s Building and Permitting Division at (407) 539-6150.


 Changes or Additions to the Building Façade or Property Exterior

 If there are any improvements to the outside of the building (other than signage), you will likely need to receive City approval for a Site Plan Revision. Plans revisions are often required when you change the exterior color or material of a building, relocate windows, doors, dumpsters, landscaping or anything else external to the building. Prior to proposing any changes to the outside of the building, contact the City at (407) 539-6211 to determine what approvals, if any, are necessary.