Human Resources

Human Resources

The Human Resources Office provides several diversified services to the entire organization as well as external customers. This office provides guidance and recommendations in the following core areas:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator
  • Benefits Administration
  • Budget for Human Resources
  • Budget for Human Resources
  • City-wide Training and Development
  • Discipline
  • Human Resources System
  • Job Classification and Salary Administration
  • Labor Relations
  • Morale
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures
  • Recruitment/Retention
  • Risk Management
  • Title VI Coordinator


Human Resources Specialist

Any inquiries regarding the posting and announcing of all job vacancies, recruitment, application processing, payroll status changes, or payroll and departmental billings should be directed to the Human Resources Specialist at 407-539-2643.

Human Resources / Risk Management Coordinator

Inquiries regarding personnel surveys and report preparation pertaining to various human resource functions including classification and pay, benefit administration, workers’ compensation, training, and risk management may be directed the Human Resources / Risk Management Coordinator at 407-539-6255. This position also coordinates and processes damage/liability claims.

Title VI Notices