Maintain Your Pools & Spa

What Is Stormwater Pollution?

Maitland has 21 scenic lakes in a 6.5-square-mile area. Many of these lakes are surrounded by development, which contributes to large amounts of rain runoff and sometimes other discharges into stormwater collection systems. Improper disposal of water from swimming pools and spas into public stormwater collection systems can harm the environment and reduce the water quality in our lakes.

  1. Pool Maintenance
  2. Discharges

Pools and spas use various chemicals, including:

  • Algaecides
  • Biocides
  • Bromine
  • Chlorine
  • Water conditioners and stabilizers

The filters might use diatomaceous earth (DE), cellulose fiber, or sand.

Improper Disposal

Improper disposal of wastewater from swimming pools and spas into stormwater collection systems can harm the environment and reduce water quality in our lakes.

  • Backwash pipes: Never direct to:
    • Canals
    • Lakes
    • Retention ponds
    • Sidewalks
    • Storm drains
    • Streets
  • Neglected/derelict pools: Hire a sanitary disposal service to pump and dispose of water contaminated with algae, debris, and/or other materials. Never discharge to streets, storm drains or surface waters.
  • Pool repair and maintenance: Store pool chemicals in a clean, dry, and covered area to avoid contact with stormwater. Spills should be cleaned immediately per the manufacturer’s directions. When constructing or resurfacing pools, or repairing areas of concrete and masonry, never discharge to stormwater systems or surface waters.
  • Saltwater pools: High concentrations of salts can kill lawn vegetation. A pump truck may be needed to draw down large volumes of water. Small amounts likely can be diluted, but never directed into:
    • Ditches
    • Drains
    • Sidewalks
    • Stormwater ponds
    • Streets

Construction Materials

Store construction materials on-site, away from stormwater conveyances. Install silt fences or inlet protection to contain soil on site. Swimming pool or spa water may not be drained to the sanitary sewer without permission from the city.

Illegal Discharges

Never drain water to a septic system - this may cause a system failure. Call 407-539-2843 to report illegal discharges to the public stormwater system.