Rate Structure Methodology

Effective Oct. 1, 2021, the equivalent residential unit (ERU) rate to be charged for environmental stormwater utility fees for each ERU was established at $10.10 per month per Resolution 9-2021.

  • 1 ERU = 2,532 Square Feet of Impervious Area
  • Based on Impervious Area - Area Such as Concrete Which Doesn’t Allow Runoff to Penetrate
  • Fees Collected on Utility Bill

Rate Classes

CategoryStructure SizeERUs
Small Residential(1 to 2,166 Square Feet)0.7
Medium Residential(2,167 to 2,994 Square Feet)1.0
Large Residential(2,995 to 4,499 square feet)1.4
Condominium Residential Unit Parcel1 Condo or Apartment
General ParcelAny SizeSquare Feet of Imper/2,532
VacantAny Size0.0

General Parcels include all other developed parcels not previously included in a Rate Class, such as houses over 4,499 square foot commercial buildings, industrial buildings, etc.