Witness Statement Form

Prior to completing a Witness Statement, please read the following information:

Methods to Filling Police Reports

There are two methods that allow you to file a police report. You may meet with an officer at the Maitland Police Department or, if you work or reside within city limits, an officer can be dispatched to your residence and/or business. Both options afford you the opportunity to complete a sworn witness statement in the presence of a law enforcement officer or community service officer. 

The Maitland Police Department understands that your time is valuable. To expedite the process, you may download the provided Witness Statement Form (PDF).

Wait to Sign

You may print and complete the personal information block and narrative section of the witness statement prior to meeting with a representative of the Maitland Police Department. However, it is imperative that you do not sign the witness sheet until you are in the presence of a law enforcement officer or public notary.