Step 3: Building Classification

Once you determine that your location has the appropriate land use and zoning designations, the next step is to find out if the building where you want to house your business will require renovations to meet the building safety standards set by the Florida Building Code. The Building Code was established by the State to create minimum building requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare.

While it is not required, it is recommended that you work with an architect or contractor to assist in determining whether the intended space already meets these minimum requirements. Some types of businesses may require renovations to bring the building up to code.

Public health, safety and general welfare standards are maintained through:

  • Proper use of building materials
  • Regulating the maximum number of occupants allowed
  • Ensuring a minimum number of exits
  • Limiting the maximum distance to travel to safely exit the building in an emergency
  • Determining when a sprinkler system or fire alarm system is required  

The Building Code also sets the minimum requirements for lighting, ventilation, number and type of plumbing fixtures, (i.e. bathrooms and water fountains) and energy conservation measures. Minimum accessibility (ADA) standards are also outlined in the Building Code.

Many of the minimum requirements in the Building Code are based on the type of business that will occupy a building. The Building Code refers to this as the occupancy classifications(s) of the business. Once the occupancy classification is determined, the other portions of the code can be applied.  


Home-Based Businesses

A home-based businesses is an occupation conducted entirely in a home by members of the family residing on the premises, which is clearly incidental (20% or less of the heated/cooled first floor area) to its use as a residence.

Most home-based businesses are permitted in all residential zoning districts within the City of Maitland. However, many rules such as parking vehicles, signage and HOA restrictions apply to many residential areas. Businesses such as beauty shops, barber shops, band instrument or dance instruction, swimming instruction, art studio for group instruction, public dining facilities or tea rooms, antique or gift shops, photographic studios, fortune telling, outdoor repair, food processing, sale of antiques, retail sales, child care center or kindergarten and group instruction are not permitted as home occupations. However, individual instruction to one (1) person at a time is permitted. Home occupations are subject to all applicable city Business Tax Receipt and other business taxes.

If you have any questions on starting a home occupation, please contact our Zoning Administrator at (407) 539-6211.