Building Safety and Permitting

Applicable Codes

On June 27, 2016, the City of Maitland adopted local amendments to Chapter 1 of the Florida Building Code, and the minimum housing code, 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) with Maitland amendments. (View the City’s Building Codes.) The City enforces the following Codes:

  • Florida Building Code - Building - 7th Edition (2020)
  • Florida Building Code - Existing Building - 7th Edition (2020) 
  • Florida Building Code - Residential - 7th Edition (2020) 
  • Florida Building Code - Mechanical - 7th Edition (2020) 
  • Florida Building Code - Plumbing - 7th Edition (2020) 
  • National Electrical Code 2017
  • Florida Building Code - Accessibility - 7th Edition (2020) 
  • Florida Building Code - Energy Conservation - 7th Edition (2020) 
  • Florida Building Code - Fuel Gas - 7th Edition (2020) 
  • Florida Fire Prevention Code 7th Edition (2020) 
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and NFPA 101 (2012) as incorporated into Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC) 7th Edition (2020) and other NFPA codes as reference

Building Permits

CSSApplying for permits just got easier.  The Maitland Community Development Department now provides the speed and convenience of online permitting services. Submit permit applications and plans, track inspections, search records and make payments. Submittals can be reviewed and approved without the need to mail in paperwork or to visit our offices in City Hall.

A customer account is required for permit submissions and other services. Register through the permitting gateway to get started.

View the list of permits available onlineSearch permit records. Look around our city through the online mapping tool.

You can also view a list of Maitland's current building permit fees, which became effective October 1, 2020.

eReview Process

In our ongoing effort to improve the service we provide to our development community, the City of Maitland offers a variety of ways to submit your permit and associated plans.

Electronic Plans – The City of Maitland, in compliance with state mandate, accepts and encourages, digital plan submittals through our on-line interface. Electronic plan submittal offers a more efficient review and inspection process and allows the owner/contractor/applicant the ability to track the status of the submittal and even schedule inspections. Our electronic plan process is outlined below:

  • Submittals/Resubmittals: Digital plans are to be submitted without any digital or electronic signature on the plans.  Simultaneously, a wet or embossed sealed hard copy of the Professional Signature Submittal (PSS) form is to be delivered (or mailed) to the Maitland Building Division. This PSS document is in lieu of the seal/signature on the plans and can be downloaded from our website. It is important to note, that the PSS form is required for a sufficient submittal/resubmittal.  The PSS must list all documents the engineer or architect is responsible for and would normally sign and seal.  Resubmittals must be accompanied by a Response to Comments form outlining the revisions in response to staff comments.
    • PSS Applies to: submittals, resubmittals, and revisions.
    • PSS Does Not Apply to: product approvals and manufacturer information that has copies of sealed structural documents.
  • Approval: When a permit review is approved, the Building Division will electronically stamp the appropriate plan set and make the stamped plan set available to retrieve. The responsible engineer or architect will sign and seal the hard copy and deliver to the Maitland Building Division to serve as the record copy, prior to issuance of the permit.
  • Inspections: Printed paper copy of plans with City stamps are to be on site for inspections.
  • Plan revisions: Plan revisions after a permit has been issued follow the same process of the submittal along with a Revision Application form uploaded with the revision.

Hard Copy (Paper) Plan – Until further notice, the City of Maitland still permits plans to be submitted via hard copy (paper set). Please note, to reduce review time and accelerate the permit issuance timeline, the City will be utilizing our electronic review software to review your plans. To accommodate the electronic review, the City of Maitland requires an electronic version with the hard copy plan set.

  • Submittal/Resubmittals: Hard copy submissions require two (2) hard copies and one (1) electronic version of the plan set on a “thumb drive”. The applicant is required to submit their plans in person or via mail. The electronic version shall not be signed or sealed, however the hard copies shall be signed and sealed consistent with Florida State Statue requirements. The signed and sealed hard copies essentially act as your Professional Signature Submittal in the Electronic Plans option above.  Resubmittals must be accompanied by a Response to Comments formoutlining the revisions in response to staff comments.
    • Architectural plans signed and sealed with raised seal. (F.S. 481)
    • Engineered plans signed and sealed wet or embossed. (F.S. 471)
  • Approval:  If the permit is ready to be approved without revisions, the hard copy plan set will be stamped by the City of Maitland and made available for pick-up upon permit issuance.  If a resubmittal is required, the applicant will resubmit two (2) hard copies and one (1) electronic version.  When the permit is ready to be approved, the hard copy set will be stamped by the City of Maitland and made available for pick-up upon permit issuance.
  • Inspections:  Printed paper copy of plans with City stamps are to be on-site for inspections.
  • Plan revisions:  Plan revisions after a permit has been issued follow the same process of two (2) paper copies of the plan along with the Revision Application form and one (1) electronic copy of the plan and Revision Application form submitted for review.

Scheduling Inspections

Schedule building, fire, site or right-of-way inspections just got easier.  Property owners and contractors can schedule their inspections in one of the following ways:

  1. Scheduling on-line through our On-line Permitting Customer Service Interface.
  2. By emailing your inspection request to When emailing your inspection request, please be clear and concise with your request and include the following:
  • Contact name and number
  • Inspection type you are requesting. Please included any added information to clarify what you want to have inspected.
  • Permit number
  • Project address

Inspection hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. After-hours inspections are not available.


Your inspector will arrive in either a City of Maitland or Universal Engineering vehicle and will have property identification.  Due to the mix of staff and contracted inspectors, we are unable to provide the name of your inspector at this time.  

For non-scheduling questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of the building division supervisors list below.

Building Department hours of operation 8 am to 5 pm weekdays. Permitting fees and permit transactions stop at 4 pm. Inspection request cut off time 4 pm.

Searching Permitting and Other Records

You can search a variety of development information such as permits in review, approved permits, code enforcement cases, etc. by visiting our online Permitting system and clicking on the green "Search Records" button or the search icon in the toolbar.  Once you find the records you are looking for, you can export the information by clicking on the blue "Export" button and save the information.  

Viewing Inspection Results

The following day after your inspection is conducted, you can view the result your inspection by logging on to the Maitland On-line Interface and viewing your permit. 

Monthly Permitting Activity

For a snapshot of Maitland's monthly permitting activity, please click here.  

Open Permit and Lien Inquiries

Fill out this form for property inquiries regarding open permits, liens or code enforcement cases.