Street Maintenance

The Streets and Maintenance Division is responsible for:

  • 56 city-owned buildings and structures.
  • 261,000 square feet of boardwalks and bicycle paths
  • Accompanying sidewalks, traffic signs and street markings
  • Maintaining 57 miles of paved roadways and rights-of-way within the City

Sidewalk Repair Program

The Streets and Facilities Maintenance Division places major emphasis on maintaining a comprehensive sidewalk repair program. A dedicated 2-man crew with a step-van equipped for sidewalk repairs, a 5-ton dump truck, and a Bobcat excavator work continually to repair or replace broken, lifted, or sunken sections of sidewalk using various techniques such as concrete patches, grinding and resurfacing, and complete removal and replacement. For larger jobs, other members of the Streets and Facilities crew assist with the concrete repairs

Street Sign Replacement Program

Another project of the Street and Facilities Maintenance Division is the replacement of street name signs with the new format adopted by the City in 2004 which will enhance the appearance of the City’s streets and neighborhoods. The old format for the street name signs was white letters on green background mounted on green or galvanized U-channel posts. 

The new format replacing these old signs utilizes white lettering on a black background and includes the addition of the City of Maitland logo on the sign, all mounted on new black u-channel posts. Some areas have elected to pay for decorative posts instead of the black u-channel posts. The old format signs are being replaced continually throughout the City.