Waiver of District (DM or WS) Standards Submittal Checklist

Applicant Checklist Required for Submittal Sufficient Insufficient
  Complete Application: On-line application has been thoroughly completed.    
  Fee: Application fee has been paid.    
  Authorizations: Name, address and phone number of any agent authorized to represent the property owner(s) of the property proposed for waiver of DM or WS district standards.    
  Supplemental Information: Submittal package bound into a single pdf document including the following information:     
       Vicinity Map depicting the property in relation to surrounding streets.    
       Site Plan drawn to a noted scale (includes items 1 through 6 outlined in the Procedures Manual).    
       Written Informational Statements providing justification and evidence that the proposed administrative adjustment meets the criterial of items 1 through 8 outlined in the Procedures Manual.