Vested Rights Determination Submittal Checklist

Applicant Checklist Required for Submittal Sufficient Insufficient
  Complete Application: On-line application has been thoroughly completed.    
  Fee: Application fee has been paid.    
  Authorizations: Name, address and phone number of any agent authorized to represent the property owner(s) of the property proposed for vested rights determination.    
  Supplemental Information: Submittal package bound into a single pdf document including the following information:     
       Title:  A title opinion of a Florida attorney, abstract of title, or other evidence demonstrating property ownership interests in the real property described in the application, which opinion, abstract, or other evidence of ownership is acceptable to the City and covers a period from the day of the date of notice of a change in land development regulation until at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of application for a special permit together with a description of the extent and quality of ownership of the real property during such period.     
       Boundary survey and legal description prepared by a surveyor registered by the State of Florida under a surveyor's seal for the parcel of land upon which the applicant claims to have vested development rights.     
       Affidavit under penalty of perjury executed by the applicant before a notary public attesting to the truth, accuracy and veracity of the application and all attachments thereto.      
       Recital of the Facts:  A concise and complete recital of the facts, including dates of expenditures or obligation to expend funds, dollar amounts, the nature of expenditures or obligation to expend funds, and other factors which are claimed to support the claim to a vested right to commence and complete a specific level, type, nature, density, intensity or other form of development.     
       Additional Information relevant to the standards and factors in this section as the Zoning Administrator may specify.