Building and Permitting Fees

The following Building and Permit fees were adopted by City Council on November 13, 2023 through Resolution 19-2023:

A. Valuation Based Permit Fees: Permit fees, unless noted otherwise, shall be assessed by cost of construction in two categories and shall apply to all trades whether sub -permits associated with a larger project or stand- alone permits. This does not include site permits ( See section C) and Special Permits ( see section K).  For valuation of electrical and plumbing sub-trades, the valuation excludes fixtures.

1. Stand-alone or multi-trade permits with a total construction value up to $2,500.00 shall be assessed a fee of $46.00, except as otherwise noted.

2. Stand- alone or multi -trade permits with a total construction value over $2,500.00 shall be assessed a fee equal to 1.75% of the construction value and comprise of the following three components, except as otherwise noted:

  • Processing Fee: 0.25% of the total construction value.
  • Review Fee: 0.50% of the total construction value.
  • Inspection Fee: 1.0% of the total construction value.

NOTE. All permit fees shall be subject to aforementioned fee structure except those expressly identified below as having a set fee or percentage.

Private Provider Services:  Property and structure owners or their contractors who chose to use private provider services for building plans review and/or inspections in accordance with Section 553.79, Florida Statutes, will receive a 50% reduction in the application review and/or inspection fee(s).

B. Permit Surcharge: All building department permit fees are subject to a state required permit surcharge, which is 2.5% of the permit or a minimum of $4.00.

C. Site Permit Fee: Site permit fee is 1% of the total site development, excluding building costs, with a minimum fee of $100.00.

D. Re-inspection fees: A re -inspection fee is hereby established for all re -inspections for permitted projects as well as for Fire periodic inspections of existing facilities and tenant spaces. These re -inspection fees are as follows:

  • $40.00 for first re -inspection
  • $70.00 for second re -inspection
  • $120.00 for each re-inspection thereafter when each successive re-inspection is related to the same uncorrected item(s).

E. Revision/Change Fees: These fees shall be paid prior to reissuance of plans.

  • Plan Sets: $25.00 minimum for revised, re-stamped or changed pages and a $5.00 charge per page over 5 pages.
  • Supplemental Documents: $5.00 for documents 10 pages or fewer and a fee of $25.00 for documents greater than 10 pages.

F. Renewal or Replacement of Expired Permit: $100.00. Any contractor holding a permit that expires a second time may be subject to code enforcement action and accompanying fines in addition to any possible disciplinary action by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

G. Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Change of primary contractor. $50.00.
  • Change of sub -contractor. $10.00.
  • Duplicate permit card. $10.00.

H. Special Permits:

  • Temporary electric pole: $20.00 plus $5.00 permit application fee shall be paid.
  • Construction trailer: $46.00.
  • Tents: $46.00.  (Temporary tent structures with an area of 100 square feet or less which otherwise comply with law and do not block access to buildings, violate zoning setbacks and are not used to expand or provide a commercial business, do not require a permit. Temporary shall be defined as 7 calendar days or less.)
  • Fence: $46.00.
  • Wall: For any free standing wall requiring a foundation, fees shall be per value of construction as described in Section A, above.
  • Gas tanks: Tank removal fee: $20.00. New tank installation or replacement fee: $46.00.
  • Moving buildings: $150.00.
  • Driveways and sidewalks: $46.00.
  • Demolitions: Forty-six dollars $46.00. (There shall be no fee for condemnations by the city).
  • Temporary banner sign permits: $45.00.
  • Fireworks display: $120.00.
  • Small Cell Wireless Facility: $150.00

I. Work Without a Permit: 

If construction commences without first obtaining a required permit, an after-the-fact permit fee shall be collected. If such work is commenced, the additional fee shall be $100.00 or double the value of the permit fee not obtained prior to commencement, whichever is greater.

J. Special Fees:

  • Requests for public information that will result in more than a 1/2 hour of staff time shall be coordinated though the City Clerk' s office. Labor and copy charges will apply per the Records Request Policy adopted in Resolution No. 20-2005 on November 14, 2005, as amended from time to time.
  • Appeal of Building Official' s Determination Fee. Residential ( One-and Two-family dwellings) application fee: $50.00 Commercial (all others) application fee: $200.00. All fees are non-refundable.

K. Temporary Certificate(s) of Occupancy (TCO):

  • Fee for issuing a TCO for a single-family or duplex residential structure: $150.00.
  • Fee for issuing a TCO for a multi-family residential or commercial structure: $250.00.
  • Failure to obtain final CO within the time set forth in the TCO by the Building Official will require additional TCO be obtained as follows:

 • All additional TCO's for single-family or duplex residential structures: $150.00.

 • An additional TCO for multi-family residential and commercial structures: $250.00.

 • Each subsequent TCO after the second TCO: 25% of the original building permit fee (whether paid or waived) or 25% of the original site permit fee (whether paid or waived), or both, depending on whether the incomplete items are covered by the building permit or site permit; however, if the TCO fee under this formula is less than $250.00, the fee for each additional TCO shall be $250.00.

L. Credit or Bank Debit Card Payment Convenience Fee:

As authorized by Section 215.322(5), Florida Statutes, a convenience fee for transactions for applicants paying by approved credit cards or bank debit cards shall be charged in an amount of 2.5% of the building permit fees and other related charges being paid.